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I am Robert Ingham.

This is my website selling English Red Telephone Boxes.

I’m English, born on the Isle of Man, raised in England and moved with the British army to Germany.

I’ve worked in many industries and disciplines, and had many interests over the years.

About a year ago I saw an English Red Telephone Box near Bielefeld and I knew they would be popular. As the telephone boxes are an English product, my bilingual skills particularly place me in a great position to provide this fabulous iconic product in all parts of the World. They have many potential uses from decorative storage displays, fish tanks or even showers in our bathrooms. These boxes are a unique part of English culture, which is in decline due to the development of the mobile phone industry. To own an iconic English Telephone Box is a way to invest in a unique part of well-known history, a history which will soon be lost forever

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